Taluxe Latex Foam Mattress.
Sometimes, a springy, lighter feel is what you want. For this reason we created the Taluxe  latex foam mattress. We start our 4  layer thick mattress with a soft, compliant latex layer, followed by a  firmer, medium grade latex foam for transition, then a medium-firm layer for support. We still use the HR polyurethane layer for the bottom of the mattress because it provides support without the cost of latex, and has much more durability than the LX grade foam.

People of all shapes and sizes will find the Taluxe latex foam mattress comfortable. To translate the description of the mattress into a feeling, You would have to remember the feeling of sitting on a beanbag as a kid. the bag gave way easily letting you sink in, but still gave you enough support to stay in any position you wanted to be in. The multiple layers of latex foam do the same thing. As your bodyweight compress one layer, the next is slightly firmer and so on throughout the mattress. You are left feeling no pressure, only even support. Take a look at our chart for more examples of what mattress will suit your needs.

Check out our accessories for your new adjustable bed set!
Complete your adjustable bed package with one of our accessories below!

An adjustable memory foam pillow for your adjustable bed! The Trillow has a removable outer shell and cover to tailor the thickness of this contour pillow as you need it! Want a taller or shorter overall bed height? You can get legs in the standard 4" height, or anywhere from 2" to 7". 2 sets required for split frames. If you want your king size bed to raise and lower as one piece instead of two, you will need a strap kit. This kit can be installed for you and will treat the 2-peice base as one unit.
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The Taluxe is unique among our line in the fact that it uses no memory foam. Using only the highest quality Talalay Latex foam with its unique pincore design, you get a  comfortable progressive firmness rivaling the Tri-Pedic without the use of memory foam.
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Relief Mart, Inc. has been in business for 7 years, and we have the testimonials to prove it. Along with our spotless Better Business Bureau rating, see what our customers have to say about us and our products.

"I recently purchased a Leggett and Platt adjustable bed with the latex/memory foam mattress. It was the best investment I ever made. I am recovering from spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Rick suggested the type of mattress I should get and highly recommended the Leggett and Platt frame. I am very happy with the mattress and frame. I just wanted to thank everyone at [Relief Mart, Inc.] for their help and advice. I would highly recommend this mattress and frame to anyone seeking a completely satisfying sleeping experience. I have the King size set up, which is the two twin XL frames and mattresses. They operate so quietly that you can't even hear the motors when adjusting the bed. I have already recommended this bed to several of my friends. When they came over and tried the bed they agreed it was the most comfortable bed they ever tried. What a relief!"

Thanks again,
-Steve, CA

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