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If you are having problems with your adjustable bed, mattress, or other items...
Examine all of our frequently asked questions on this site. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can call or email the us. If your S-Cape adjustable bed base is malfunctioning, please contact Leggett and Platt directly at the phone number enclosed with the base. Leggett and Platt have representatives nationwide, and will either talk you through the problem, or if necessary, send a representative to your house to resolve the problem.

If you feel uncomfortable...
Remember, a new bed is just like a new pair of shoes, and can require a short "break-in" time. Although most people feel comfortable from the very first day, it may take your body up to 21 days or more to adjust to the new changes. Your body can grow to accept out-of-alignment as normal. Once you correct the alignment problem, you may experience some stiffness or soreness as your body returns to it's natural position. If you still feel uncomfortable after three or more weeks, contact one of our sleep experts for options on exchanging or returning your mattress.

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